Learning IPtables

Learning IPtables

A very short post about a recent training I took – Linux Security: The Complete Iptables Firewall Guide.

I've been recently in the need of understanding and somewhat refresh my Iptables knowledge and found out about that UDEMY course created and hosted by Andrei Dumitrescu. You can read more and enroll this training here:


I won't extend this post for too long, although if you're looking at sharpening your Iptables skills, CHAINS and TABLES, understanding NAT and port forwarding clearly and this getting by with examples etc -- it's a no brainer -- that's the training you want.

The course is fully backed up with downloadable Course Resources, including all the slides (as PDFs) from every included course modules as well as all the written Iptables exemples/scripts etc.  

Andrei is here putting a lot of efforts & attention to the details. I have been able to easily follow along and grasp each aspect of Iptables.

I can't really think of a better way to invest around 20 US$ (at the time of writing this post).

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