Setting your default wanted columns on your FortiGate policies/GUI

Setting your default wanted columns on your FortiGate policies/GUI

This will be a quick one, I've recently found out about this cool possibility within FortiOS. You can select your default wanted Policies Columns displayed within the GUI. This setting is per vDOM though.

In this example, I'm adding the Active Sessions column per policies:

config system settings
    set gui-default-policy-columns "name" "policyid" "source" "dstaddr" "schedule" "service" "action" "profile" "logtraffic" "bytes" "active_sessions"

A simple view of the now per default GUI rendering with active sessions:

And you'll find plenty of possible columns to choose from:

fgt (settings) # set gui-default-policy-columns
*name    Column name.
name            Name.
policyid                        Policy ID.
srcintf                         Source.
dstintf                         Destination.
srcaddr                         Source Address.
dstaddr                         Destination.
schedule                        Schedule.
service                         Service.
action                          Action.
logtraffic                      Log.
poolname                        NAT.
status                          Status.
bytes                           Bytes.
packets                         Packets.
active_sessions                 Active Sessions.
last_used                       Last Used.
first_used                      First Used.
hit_count                       Hit Count.
profile                         Security Profiles.
av-profile                      AV.
emailfilter-profile             Email Filter.
webfilter-profile               Web Filter.
application-list                Application Control.
ips-sensor                      IPS.
icap-profile                    ICAP Profile.
voip-profile                    VoIP Profile.
profile-protocol-options        Proxy Options.
ssl-ssh-profile                 SSL Inspection.
vpntunnel                       VPN Tunnel.
comments                        Comments.
source                          Source.
users                           Users.
groups                          Groups.
gtp-profile                     GTP Profile.
profile-group                   Profile Group.


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